Create a Checklist Lead Magnet in 10 Minutes with Mark
Don’t waste your time reading how to create a lead magnet. Let Mark create one for you in just 10 minutes.
STEP 1: Tell Mark about your business and its ideal customer
How Mark works...
The most efficient way to create a lead magnet and other marketing assets for your business…
Mark creates your lead magnet copy and you can choose to input this into a lead magnet template that you are sent via email.
STEP 2: Mark creates your lead magnet
Mark will ask you a series of questions that are designed to make you think about the challenges your business helps your customer solve.
STEP 3: Quickly implement your lead magnet
You receive concise training on how to implement your lead magnet into your website to make the biggest impact.
STEP 4: Learn how to generate more leads and sales 
You receive continuous support to improve your marketing through training videos and how to articles so you can get more customers and grow your business. 
Increase sales with high converting sales page copy
Understand how to create an automated sales system
Increase leads with a checklist lead magnet
Target your ideal customers with tailored content and copy
How Mark can help...
The whole process was quick and easy, and I’ll definitely use the service again – can’t wait to try out other designs!
Mirfet S.
Sarah H.
"Mark helped me create a lead magnet in just a few minutes. It was really fun and easy, and the result was fantastic."
What people think of Mark...
My clients always seem to find a lot of value in the checklists I create. Mark has made the process really slick, and I no longer have to spend all that time on Illustrator.
Ollie B.
David S.
I was about to spend the money on a designer for some new marketing material. I decided to give it ago myself, and found the advice on how to use the lead magnet really helpful.
Don’t waste time learning from expensive marketing courses! Let Mark help you to quickly create a marketing machine for your business.
He’s the most efficient marketing expert you will meet.
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